Symposium on Frontiers in Biomolecular NMR

Plenary Speakers

Kevin Gardner   Kevin Gardner
Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Departments of Biochemistry and Pharmacology
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

RESEARCH: Development of biophysical and biochemical methods to obtain structural models of 30-50 kDa proteins and protein complexes using solution NMR

Dorothee Kern   Dorothee Kern
Professor of Biochemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

RESEARCH: Structure, Dynamics and Function of Enzymes

Michael Summers   Michael Summers
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD

RESEARCH: Michael Summers is interested in the application of nuclear magnetic resonance to studies of retrovirus structure and function.

Erik Zuiderweg   Erik Zuiderweg
Professor of Biological Chemistry and Chemistry
Department of Biological Chemistry
University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI

RESEARCH: NMR studies of Biomacromolecular Conformation, Dynamics and Interactions in Solution

Walter Chazin   Walter Chazin
Chancellor's Prof Biochemistry & Chemistry
Director Center for Structural Biology
Director Molecular Biophysics Training Program
Director at Large, Vanderbilt NMR Facilities
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

RESEARCH: Molecular basis for the biological specificity and biochemical function of proteins and nucleic acids

Steve W. Fesik   Steve Fesik
Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

RESEARCH: Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment-Based Approaches and Structure-Based Drug Design

Charles (Chuck) Sanders   Chuck Sanders
Professor of Biochemistry
Associate Editor of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

RESEARCH: Structural and Chemical Biology of Membrane Proteins and Related Diseases

Michael Stone   Michael Stone
Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

RESEARCH:Our laboratory seeks to understand how, when bonded to DNA, various chemical carcinogens perturb DNA

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