The Karpay Award in Structural Biology

The Karpay Award in Structural Biology was established in 2010 to honor the memory of Dr. Anne Karpay. Each year the award recognizes one senior graduate student who is a well-rounded colleague and scientist, who is collaborative and collegial, and who has performed exceptional research in structural biology. The winner then presents a research talk as part of the award ceremony.

Download the 2019 Karpay Award application in summer 2018.

Recipients of The Karpay Award in Structural Biology

YearRecipientResearch Title
2018 Meredith Frazier (Jackson) "TBA" Seminar scheduled for January 16, 2018
2017 Norie Sugitani (Chazin) "Scaffolding branches: XPA in DNA repair and graduate school survival"
2016 Qiuyan Chen (Iverson/Gurevich) "Arrestin activation? Just press the right buttons"
2015 Kathleen F. Mittendorf (Sanders) "Pigs in a Blanket on My Rafting Trip: Membrane Proteins and Neurodegeneration"
2014 Nicole Chumbler (Lacy) "Who's the boss? Structural investigations of Clostridium difficile Toxin A autoprocessing"
2013 Paul Barrett (Sanders)"Where's My Doughnut? A Link Between Cholesterol and Alzheimer's Disease"
2012 Chris A. Brosey (Chazin)"Floating away on a Brownian waltz: Uncovering the architecture and dynamics of ssDNA-binding by Replication Protein A"
2011 Yoana Dimitrova (Chazin)"Taming the beast: TBL1 and adventures in structural biology and graduate school"

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